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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Historic Salmon Runs Predicted for the 2012 Summer/Fall Season!

Fishery experts have published predictions of record fish runs for the North Coast off shore and in river.

Get into the fishing excitement on the Klamath River. My local experience is at your service. The Klamath River is my back yard.

Note: Don't be crowded into an open boat operated by a transient guide with other anglers you don't know. I offer private fishing trips for your group only and on your time schedule. Fish areas where you will have the river to yourself by jetboat in a road-less wilderness.

The Klamath is the ultimate fishing destination in California. Get into the fishing action for the 2012 season by reserving your desired dates here on our reservations page.

Contact me for any local fishing information, regardless if you hire my services, at (707) 498-4491 cell or (707) 482-8912 home.

Best of fishing luck to all, and FISH-ON! ...Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

North Coastal California Salmon Fishing for 2012

It's great news for Klamath River Salmon anglers this season. Generous sport fishing quotas due to the abundance of offshore fish counts will light up the Klamath's fishing action and produce happy anglers who are lucky enough to get here.

Expected to be historically large, the opportunity to fill your fridge with nice fish and have great memories is here.

Reserve in advance here on our resevations page.

Extreme "child size" fish are caught here in late Fall.

Take part in the excitement of line stripping Salmon and Steelhead fishing. It all happens up-river into the road-less Klamath River wilderness by jet boat. My 47 years of local guiding experience is at your service. The Klamath River is my back yard.

These are private jet boat trips for your group only. Reserve your 2012 fishing trip this month and get a 10% discount.

Also, I provide local fishing information to regional visitors regardless if you hire my services.

Call anytime at (707) 498-4491 cell or (707) 482-8912 home.

Best of fishing luck to all in 2012 and sending the best of "Fish-On's" to everyone! ...Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring 2012 Klamath River Fishing Report

Good river conditions have kept the Klamath fishable over most of the winter. Angers had the river to themselves with good Steelhead action on spinners and flies.

Over the next several weeks, the Spring Salmon will be moving into the Klamath. These supercharged Salmon are fat and provide great fighting action time after time. It's easy, comfortable fishing from an all-weather, covered jet boat.

Mention this report and receive a 10% price reduction when you book your trip.

Call (707) 498-4491 for fishing information on the Klamath river any time. I will be glad to assist in making your visit to our area the best.

Our Summer/Fall season on the Lower Klamath has provided world class fishing excitement for generations of anglers. Make it your fishing trip of a life time.

California's best fishing destination has been my back yard for over 45 years.

Reserve the best fishing dates now. Visit the reservations page for the 2012 season on the Klamath River.

Sending the best of "Fish-On's" to everyone! ...Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prime September Fishing Days are Here on the Lower Klamath

Good numbers of fish are being taken daily by anglers from the shore and by jet boat up to Blue Creek 15 miles up stream. Cool weather, good river flows, and tidal changes at the river mouth are keeping the Salmon and Steelhead moving into the river on every high tide.

Don't miss out on the best fishing action the Klamath has to offer. Many prime season dates through November are open for your fishing experience with a local guide of over 40 years.

You can have the boat to yourself or a group of up to 5. Its all about you when I am guiding clients!

Experience the Klamath at its best, book your trip here on the reservations page for the 2011 season on the Klamath River.

Call (707) 498-4491 for current conditions and available dates for your fishing trip. Short notice 1/2 day trips can be arranged for those traveling through Redwood National Park. All fishing gear is available and ready for you.

Best of fishing to all... Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lower Klamath River Fishing Action for Salmon and Steelhead is Good

Excellent river conditions are producing runs of fish into the lower Klamath for a great beginning of the 2011 season here.

Enjoy your own private jet boat fishing adventure with Redwood forests as the back drop to river fishing at it's best. Salmon and Steelhead fishing dates are open for our Summer/Fall season.

It's easy to reserve your desired dates to get into the fish runs here. Visit the reservations page here.

I will be glad to assist visitors to our area with local information to make your visit to North Coastal California the best by calling 707-498-4491. Many thanks to my clients over the last 40 years who have returned to fish with a local guide and get into the famous Klamath River fishing we enjoy.

Sending the best of FISH-ON's to everyone... Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Steelhead Runs Have Started

It's a great start to our prime season here on the Lower Klamath River. Anglers are getting these supercharged fish in the riffles and chutes on the sides of the river on light tackle in good numbers each trip up river.

Spring Salmon are on the bite still as good river conditions prevail here on the cool North Coast of California. Fall Salmon are entering the river mouth and will be throughout the river system soon. A 3 fish daily Salmon limit will make everyone happy who get here for the action.

Anglers are making their way here for the famous Klamath fish runs which have made history over the years. Make your plans now for the best the Klamath will offer for the 2011 season. Reserving your fishing trip starts on this reservations link to my website. A deposit will hold your desired fishing dates.

Providing guided services for over 40 years, from novice to expert, I give 100% effort to every angler. Calling (707) 498-4491 will get you daily reports, conditions on the river and assistance to make your visit to our area the best. Best of FISH-ON's to you!... Gary at Wild River Fishing.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Outstanding Numbers of Spring Salmon are in the Klamath

Spring Salmon are running and anglers are getting the bite daily. Great line stripping action for now, and its predicted for high numbers of Summer/Fall Steelhead and Salmon due to good river flows and mild weather.

If you're ready to get into the best river fishing in the state, book your trip for your Salmon and Steelhead jet boat fishing trip here. At your service here in Klamath for over 40 years, use my local river knowledge and 100% effort for your angling adventure success.

Dont trust transient guides who will put you in a boat with other people you don't know. We offer private Klamath River guiding services for you and your group only.

Make your trip for our 2011 season here on the reservation page and get ready to yell... "FISH-ON!

You can also reach me at 707-498-4491 for any Klamath River fishing information you need. Best of fish-on's to you... Gary

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Salmon Runs

Good Spring Salmon runs are happening and should go into late June as in past seasons. Fish of up to 30 lbs. have been caught over the last week, with several good counts every day by anglers here.

Open fishing dates are available and private fishing trips can be arranged for Summer/Fall Steelhead and Salmon fishing through October. Book your trip ahead as much as possible.

Many thanks to all my clients over the years, from all over the world, for their patronage. I look forward to providing 100% effort getting future clients into the fish here on the lower Klamath River. Fish-On!... Gary

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Fishing on the Lower Klamath River is at it's Best!

High counts of daily limits are happening with good conditions predicted through the late Fall season here. Big Steelhead started the Summer/Fall fish runs, and they are coming into the river on every high tide.

Many Jacks and adult Salmon are on the move in the river with most "stacking up" near Blue Creek where shore anglers have been catching nice sized fish daily on spinners and fly.

You can get into this seasons action easy by reserving many of the open dates still available for our season here. Call 707-498-4491 in the evenings and get your trip date info, or reserve at www.wildriverfishing.com/indexres.html for fast reservations and deposit for your Klamath River fishing adventure 2010.

Best of fishing to all... Gary

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good River Conditions on the Lower Klamath River Brings the First Real Runs of Fish

August has produced many good catches from slow trolling boats from the mouth of the river to the Hwy. 101 bridge, and waves of 20 to 50 fish are seen moving up river, with many fish taken from shore-anglers and drifters in the road-less upstream reaches.

Don't miss out on the best fishing the Klamath has to offer for 2010.

Its easy to get here and I would be glad to help you plan your visit to Klamath. Contact me at (707) 498-4491.

Excellent 2010 Fall Steelhead and Salmon fishing is predicted and many prime dates can be reserved for your wild river fishing adventure here. Reserving your desired trip dates is easy at http://www.wildriverfishing.com/indexres.html.

Best of fishing to you and FISH ON ! .......Gary

Saturday, June 4, 2010

Lower Klamath Spring Salmon Action is Happening

Every day fat Springer's are being caught. As the Spring river flows decrease, the Lower Klamath gets better. Based on this rainfall year, this run will go well into July with the Summer/Fall Steelhead and King Salmon to follow on through November and beyond.

By fly and spinner are the best way to get into these supercharged fish, time after time.

Don't book a trip in an overcrowded transient guide boat with other fishermen you don't know. I offer a 2 angler minimum with room for 5 guests.

Fishing trips are based on your schedule; multiday, mornings, mid-day and afternoon 1/2 day trips are easy to reserve. Many fishing dates are available for the upcoming months.

Contact me at 707-498-4491 for any Klamath River fishing reservations/information you might have to make your visit to our area the best. With over 45 years of local Klamath River fishing experience, your fishing adventure is here at www.wildriverfishing.com.

To reserve your desired fishing dates, click on the reservations page for your wild river fishing adventure! FISH-ON!.......Gary

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring/Summer Salmon fishing on the Klamath River

Lower Klamath River conditions are changing daily for the Spring/Summer Salmon runs.

Spring fishing on the Klamath is historically excellent, 10+ fish per day is common. Hookups of Salmon are happening daily with more to come in the future. Steelhead will follow into the early Summer with line stripping action.

I live just a few blocks from the river, close to the fishing action. Offering a local guide service with experience of over 45 years, and operating a new heated /covered jet boat.

I will guide you or your group only, giving 100% effort to get you hooked into the fish. You wont be mixed with other anglers you don't know. (Most guide services mix clients together to fill their boats)

Contact me for your Klamath River fishing adventure at 707-498-4491 FISH-ON!.......Gary

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010 Spring Salmon Fishing on the Lower Klamath River

Cool Good conditions for the 2010 Spring Salmon fishing are happening as this blog is written.

If the 2010 run is as productive as last years catch, it will be memorable for those who get out on the river and hook up into these football shaped fighters.

With the comfort of a covered heated jetboat, the fishing is easy for any angler.

We have all your gear ready to fight these supercharged Springers and the capacity to navigate the big water Spring river fishing demands.

This years daily rates per angler havent changed for our Spring/Summer and Fall guided trips, offering the best value for your fishing buck. Giving 100% effort to get you hooked into the fish for over 40 years on the Lower Klamath River. I look forward to providing the best possible fishing experience for every client.
Contact me for reserving your Klamath River fishing adventure at :

707-498-4491  Best of fishing to all, Gary Whittaker

3 apr 10 @ 4:04 am sbt 

Friday, June 27, 2008

Klamath River 2008 Summer/Fall Salmon and Steelhead fishing.

The up-comming Klamath River Summer/Fall season is looking excellent for those anglers who want to get into the fish!

Salmon fishing is open here!

An abundant fish quota will satisfy visitors who want to get their
punch cards and refridgerators filled with fish for the 2008 season.

Get ready for the best fly and spinner light tackle fishing action in the state! All fishing skill levels can join in the fun, and you can expect a 100% effort from me to get you into the fish! 

Many fishing dates are open to plan your fishing adventure here on the North Coast of California.

Make your plans to get out of the heat and fish this historic
fishing paradise.

I will be glad to help you make accomidations for your fishing visit to Klamath California/Redwood National Park.

We are located a short distance from the S.F Bay area and are
within and around Redwood National Park. Small aircraft can fly into Mcbeth Field just a 1/4 mile from my residence here. (see my website's  maps page for "Airnav" information)

I look forward to hearing from anglers who want to fish the roadless wilderness by jet boat on the Lower Klamath River.

Reservations for your Wild River Fishing Adventure are made easily by secured "Paypal" deposit at www.wildriverfishing.com
on the reservation page, or call 707-498-4491

We are offering a discount of 1/2 price to the 3rd and 4th
anglers who reserve a fishing trip for 4 people.

Take advantage of this special only offered by Wild River Fishing Adventures.

Many thanks to all who have visited my website. 100s of hits per day on the site, and comments of how informative it is to our fishing community here in Klamath.

Dont forget to see the fish pictures page of happy anglers with their catch on my website.

Best of fishing luck and FISH-ON!.......Gary Whittaker
27 jun 08 @ 3:21 am sbt 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 Lower Klamath Spring Salmon Fishing.

As of the 1st of May, a decent daily catch of Springer Salmon is happening for those out there
fishing the Lower Klamath.
To predict better fishing days from now through June would be correct looking at past season's log books.
Plan to catch your Salmon soon due to the Spring fishing season being a short one, but well worth it when you have hooked into these strong fighters fresh out of the ocean by only a few hours in the river.
Wild River Fishing, is guiding into the 41st year of Klamath River fishing, and as local resident for longer, I am glad to assist clients get into those Klamath River fish and provide the best fishing gear and jet boat for my clients fishing experience.
Into the Summer and Fall Salmon and Steelhead seasons, anglers will enjoy the large sport fishing quota for the Klamath. It will be the only California area where you can catch and keep Salmon.
It is suggested that anglers who seek river guides on the Klamath to book your fishing trips early to insure you will get the fishing dates you want.
Also note, all river guides who provide services on the Lower Klamath are required to have Coast Guard licenses by law. Its important to everyone's safety. Be sure to ask your guide if they have this document prior to booking a trip. We local guides have met this requirement for many years.
Wild River Fishing will be glad to help you with lodging information and local campground locations to make your stay in our area as best as possible.
Call for any Klamath River fishing questions you have
at 707-498-4491... Best of fishing luck... Gary
1 may 08 @ 2:21 pm sbt 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New! Weekly Weather & River Update Blog! Check Back Often!

Check in weekly for my personal take on the weather and fishing conditions on the Klamath River.
29 apr 08 @ 11:44 am sbt 

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